Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Use Google Plus to Improve Search Rank

5 Tips to use Google Plus for SEO

Increasing search rankings is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind. If not, it should be.  An easy, free way for a business to do that is through Google+. Now before you start throwing tomatoes at me, note that I’m not pushing it as a high priority social platform (though for some it really works), but as a means to build your brand awareness and gain authority in search results.

The value of a link from Google+ depends on its page authority. What is page authority you ask? Page authority is a term used to estimate the probability that a page from your website will be found on a search engine organically. By maximizing your presence online, creating unique content and optimizing your profile, you can increase this rank. The higher it is, the more value you have and the more likely you’ll be popping up in searches!

Google Plus offers opportunities for someone to build an identity, base and a strategy for strategically placed content.

5 Easy Ways to Use Google Plus to Improve Search Rank

1. Claim and Verify Your Business Page

Using your personal profile to build your personal brand is key, but your business brand is necessary to strengthen your reputation. Associate your business page with your personal page and share valuable content.  Google+ benefits businesses in terms of SEO. Business accounts work directly with Google Search, which helps them rank higher in local search results- which is important. Google also helps you out with instructions on business verification.

2. Optimize Your Page!

•    Be strategic about the name of your company page. This is your SEO Title. Set your tagline – you only get 160 characters so make it memorable, make it short and clear. Fill out your About section (or Introduction) with key content and robust links about your or your business.
•    Customize your URL
•    Optimize your site links

3. Post Useful and Unique Content

Think of your shares as mini blog posts. Did you know the posts you share on your Google Plus page can be found as standalone search results in Google? The headline you use is typically what displays in Google search results. Also, use tags to your benefit . Google uses hashtags to pair up topics or categorize posts by searchable topics.

4. Connect with Influencers in Your Industry

See what other people are talking about, searching for. Add people to your circles strategically. You can get your content in front of the right people – this is what using Google+ socially is all about.

5. Be Visually Stimulating!

Grab your audience’s attention. Infographics are quite popular. Everyone loves pictures and a majority of the top posts on Google Plus are images of some sort. Visually stimulating content is always a winner and leads to more clicks, which could lead to more site visits and shareability.

Stay tuned…in my next post, I’ll talk about great, mostly FREE resources to create stunning visuals or social media templates and infographics you can use to your benefit.